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Business Resources

We are proud to offer a range of books and learning resources ideal for educational institutions, tutors, instructors and workplaces. There are multiple ways in which our books can help your students and clients, such as helping to develop knowledge, interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills. This selection of books can also increase mental stimulation, expand mindsets and aid progression. 

Whether you require new Health & Safety Guidelines or a new textbook to aid your new apprentice, Browns Books has you covered.

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Health and Safety

Health and Safety is a requirement that needs to be fulfilled regardless of the business you are in. Our Health and Safety books will ensure that you are up to date with the latest legislation and current best practices.


Have you just appointed or are looking to appoint a new apprentice? Do you need books on your specialty to further your knowledge? We are sure to have the texts you require to assist training in any discipline.


Books aimed at improving businesses are not all aimed at furthering your knowledge of a specific area. Sometimes the best books may bring creativity and inspire a new target market. From self-help books for sales people to creative ideas for marketers, we are sure to have the book for you.

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