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Our simple to use eBook reader allows easy navigation and keeps the focus on reading. Finding and choosing ebooks has never been an easier process as the VLeBooks website has a simplistic design so as not to overcomplicate things. Students will find it very easy to navigate through the website to their chosen books.

Integration between Teacher and Students

VleBooks allows teacher and student to integrate easier through the online reader. Teachers can easily build a ‘recommended reading list’ for students to read when they are not at school. Teachers are also able to apply notes to eBooks to provide further information.

Offline Reading

VleBooks allows students to download digital copies of a book to allow students to read them offline. This is particularly useful for students who do not have internet access at home and can download the entire book to read when they are not connected to the internet.

Accelerated Reader Integration

VleBooks is fully integrated with Accelerated Reader allowing teachers to monitor student progression and make informed decisions to guide their future learning. Accelerated Reader has been found to produce ‘particularly positive effects’ on students reading ability whilst also offering quizzes about the books they are reading. VLeBooks has a wide selection of Accelerated Reader titles to choose from to help improve your students reading levels.

Create and Share Notes

VleBooks allows students and teachers to create notes that can be for themselves or be shared with others. This allows teachers to highlight key points in a preassigned book or can allow students to leave interactive notes for themselves. This interactivity between students and teachers can open up new learning prospects.

Softlink Integration

The VLeBooks platform can be integrated with your current Softlink account. Softlink specialises in knowledge, content and library management systems and request management systems for special, education, government and corporate information centres and libraries. Softlink integrates with the latest digital technologies (including mobile, tablet and e-reader technology) providing a centralised performance platform to manage, discover and deliver your physical and digital assets.

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Students with access to online educational resources through VLeBooks are shown to have increased levels of achievement through our fully stocked library to browse wherever they are. VLeBooks gives students access to great fiction and top-tier educational resources.